Claire Cherry

Line Dance Instructor

Claire was involved in line dancing from a young age. As a teenager she would go along with her mum to the Brumby Line Dancers and was a natural. With years of Jazz Ballet dancing and Musical Theatre under her belt and with a bit of contemporary, tap, hip-hop and Bollywood dancing thrown in, Claire had finally found a style she loved.

Claire re-sparked her joy for line dancing when, after what seemed like a ‘meant to be’ moment, she found herself at Scooters Line Dancing with her 6 week old baby boy. Determined to get back into it and find something ‘fun’ for her; little Lewis would be strapped to Claire (or be held and cuddled by one of the many willing other dancers). Pauline from Scooters reinvigorated Claire’s love for dancing and such an amazing bunch of ladies inspired her to start her own line dance classes – Cherry Steppers.